How Can Inflammation Affect Menstruation?


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Inflammation refers to pelvic inflammation that includes metro-endometritis, salpingitis, ovaritis, pelvioperitonitis, and other pelvic connective tissues. It may occur in one area or in different area at the same time. It is caused due to pathogenic agents that invade the uterus. It is caused as a result of sexual intercourse or in women with weak constitution during menstruation and childbirth. Thus this is usually seen in married women.

Inflammation has an effect on menstruation. It may cause pain in the lower abdomen, lumbago by stress and a pronged menstrual period. This condition is also known as menorrhagia. It also causes a situation where there is a vaginal discharge which is yellow in colour and gives of a foul discharge. Tenderness in the uterus is also a symptom caused by inflammation during menstruation.

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