Why Do We Need Fats And Sugars In Our Diet?


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Although we often hear the words 'fats' and 'sugars' being used in a negative light, you should be aware that they are actually a vital part of our diet.

It's only when we have too much of them that problems occur.

The importance of fats and sugars in our diet The first thing to understand is that the terms 'fats' and 'sugars' actually refer to a number of different things.

I actually had no clue about this until I did some research about my diet to see what I could cut out, and what I should keep eating.
I found that fats and sugars both play quite in important role in keeping our bodies up and running.

The main thing that they give us is energy. Without some sugar or fat intake, we'd get too tired to do anything. That's why having a healthy amount in your diet is recommended.

How to include fat and sugar in your diet What we tend to hear a lot more about is the negative side to fat and sugar.
This is generally because fat and sugar consumption is a leading cause of many illnesses and diseases.

The most important think, when it comes to dieting, is keeping a balance.
The following are all tips you may want to consider:

  • Make sure your sugar intake doesn't exceed how much energy you actually need for a day (all extra energy is stored as fat)
  • Trying to get sugar from natural sources (such as fruit) rather than artificial sources (like fizzy drinks)
  • Limit the amount of 'bad' fat you eat (there are different types of fat: Saturated and unsaturated)
If you try and follow these tips, I'm sure you'll be able to see the positive effects of fat and sugar yourself!

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Bill Burns answered
I'll answer that right here, on BlurtIt!.  Fats and sugars are essential to our diet.  There are healthy sugars and fats that we should concentrate on adding to our diet.  

Sugars(carbohydrates) from vegetables are great at providing your body with slow release energy.  Carbohydrates provide energy to live and to burn fats.  If we have too many carbohydrates, they will not be used and will be converted into fat and stored that way.  Too many carbohydrates is not a good thing.  The more active you are, the more carbs you need in your diet.

Fats are crucial to brain health and bodily functions as they provide essential oils and nutrients that our bodies need.  Healthy fats can be found in fish and nuts, so be sure not think that red meat is the only viable fat source.

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