I Had A Blood Test To See If I Was Ovulating And It Came Back Negative Although I Have Had Regular Periods Since I Was A Teenager (I Am 34). I Am Now 6 Days Late And The Pregnancy Test Was Negative. Why Is My Period So Late If I Did Not Even Ovulate?


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I would go to a gyno and have them check you for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It will cause you not to ovualte. Usually women don't have periods but some do. Other symptoms are achne, hair growth like on your chin or chest, a brownish yellow ring aroud the back of your neck, infertility, weight gain around your belly. A lot of women have this and don't even know it. It can be fixed with medication but it does take time.
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I had a blood test to see if I was ovulating and it came back as negative only to find out a week late of my period I was indeed pregnant hope this helps some

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