Do Pills I Take On An Airplane Have To Be In Their Original Container?


2 Answers

Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Yes, they do, they have to be exactly what the container says or they will confiscate them from you. If you are still unsure about this, then you can call the airlines about this, and they will tell you for sure what you should do. Hope this helps, good luck to you, and feel better soon if you are ill.
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Absolutely.  Otherwise, airport staff don't have time to check and see if you are carrying something that is not prescribed.  Better to bring all medications in a carry on bag - you would not believe how many drugs are transported that can be converted to lethal drugs.  As well, if you can get a doctors note saying that these are necessary, this will help.  If worse comes to worse, you can say that the medication if for your goat.  As many prescriptions, although you may be able to bring into where you are going, may not be able to transport out.  If for an animal, they usually let it through. Such as antibiotics.  So, if questioned, say it is for an animal and you will be able to clear, hopefully.  Just make sure the doctors name is on the prescription

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