When Are Women Most Fertile?


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Most women are under the misconception that they are on their periods, they are actually ovulating. That is a myth, and is biologically wrong. Women are most fertile when they have just ovulated and ovulation occurs only 14 days after your periods. Women who have a regular menstrual cycle can easily determine when they are fertile. Ovulation happens midway between your menstrual cycle that is 14 days before your periods are due and 14 days after that date.

So basically, if you have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, you will be the most fertile 14 days after your periods and if your cycle is 30 days, you will be the most fertile 16 days after your periods. When you are on your periods, it actually means that the eggs are now dying since they have not been fertilized. That is the reason we bleed, and not because we are ovulating.
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My period starts june20 and will last only for 3 days,so when I will be most fertile?
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So if my period for instance started on May 4, I should count 14 days after my period stops? What if it only last for 4 days?
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After menstruation how can I know if I'm fertile and how many days that I'm going to be fertile
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First you have to find out how many days are between cycles (normally its around 28-33)example, if your normal cycle is 28 days then you count 28 days ahead from the first day of your last period then count back 14 days and for the first seven days of the time you counted back 14 days is when your most fertile, when you ovulate.
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My last menstruation June 2 to 6 when is the day of my fertile?
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Research states that more than 52% women are not entirely sure about the fertile days that occur in their cycle. The fertile period in women refers to the time that the sperm can survive inside a woman's reproductive tract until ovulation and fertilization occurs. The chances of a woman becoming pregnant are more and at their peak during the fertile time.

The fertile period is different in every woman owing to their menstrual cycles. Thus it is challenging to find out the fertile time in a woman. The fertile period in every woman usually lasts for several days such as 5-6 days ending on the day after ovulation. There are several ways of determining the fertile period such as a calendar of a woman's menstrual cycle, Basal Body Temperature, cervical mucus etc. regularly monitoring the fertile cycle in women can help to avoid unwanted pregnancy and during conception to a great extent.
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I was with my boyfriend on the 17th of Nov. I came on my menstrual cycle on Nov 8th. And came off on Nov 13th. Not fourteen days before or after my cycle. I'm no fertility expert but that's only four days after my cycle. I'm just saying, what's with that. I had to be at my most fertile then because we've been together nine years and nothing happened. I thought I couldn't have children! Mind you I didn't use any fertility drugs. It just happened. If any of you are spiritual out there and have been praying for a child like I did for so many years, believe in your prayers and trust God, don't grow faint and cherish the family and friends around you with children just as I did and one day with prayer and belief, your miracle will come.
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Yes there are some days when the chances of being pregnant are very high. The days before and just after the periods come in this category.
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When I became pregnant with my first child I was diagnosed with H.P.V. It has now been a little over a year and I'm trying to conceive another child.Could this virus be a factor in me not being able to become pregnant
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The middle two weeks of a menstrual cycle (starting from the first day of the periods) in a woman may be taken as fertile days. I calculate my ovulate days through this Ovulation Calculator.
Generally and many a time, even a few days after completion of the periods may also be considered as fertile days for having sex!
However, in addition to the counting days, you may fix your most fertile days by observing a raise in the body temperature (up to about one degree) during the middle(days)of menstrual cycle, mood swings, typical ovulation white discharge, a mild pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen on one side (iliac fossa), sometimes rarely spotting etc., which are some of the signs of ovulation.

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A woman will start to ovulate again about fourteen (14) days after her last period. Three (3) days after ovulation a woman is at her most fertile.
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You are most fertile 7-10 days after your last period. Keep in mind if you miss your period following that one, don't do a pregnancy test until a week after the day you were suppose to start or you will get what they call a false-positive reading.
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About 14- 16 days from the 1st day or your last period, Or 2 weeks before you expect your next period.

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