Can You Die From Being Obese?


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Actually, yes. Obesity brings with it a multitude of medical conditions which can cause death. It can cause blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so many other troubles which are generally linked with old age, but can attack young people if they are obese. Diabetes is a silent killer and so is high blood pressure. It can cause sudden death if it shoots up too high. Similarly, heart disease can affect general health and can eventually cause death. So yeah, obesity does lead to countless diseases that can be fatal.
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You most definitely can die from obesity.

Being overweight opens you up to a host of illnesses and diseases such as:

-hypertension/high blood pressure
-coronary heart disease
-Type 2 diabetes
-gallbladder disease
-sleep apnea/other breathing issues

If you're looking to avoid this, it's best to adopt a healthy diet consisting of lots and lots of veggies, lean meat, and a few fruits/nuts.

Cut out processed foods for the most part and watch your calorie intake, don't eat until you're stuffed, just eat until "satisfied".

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