How Do You Use Oregano Oil For Colds On Infants?


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It's considered too potent to ingest (drink, even if diluted) for children under 7. But there are various ways that are considered safe to use it externally. Oil of Oregano is considered to have anit-viral properties, and colds are caused by viruses, so it may be beneficial.

Place a drop on pillow where the child sleeps, or just let the child sniff from the bottle.

Dilute one drop of Oregano oil into a teaspoon vegetable oil; massage this onto the soles of the feet, or onto a cloth left near the child's bed or head; be careful the child can't grab the cloth and choke on it or just start sucking too much oil in!

The toddler or young child may also inhale vapour straight from the bottle (do not let them taste, though).

For infants over 6 months old, Oregano oil can be mixed with other oils or soap (bar or liquid soap) and used to wash the hands -- this might help prevent virus transmission. Rinse off well as you would for soap.

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