How Do You Get Rid Of A Cold Without Taking Medicine?


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Well he'll have to deal with it. It was your past and he wasn't even there. You've learned your mistakes and he'll have to trust you. I always tell people that whoever they pick they cannot use their partner's past to get into an argument, it's not fair. Ask him if he's going live with you now or live with your past? Someone who loves you shouldn't care what your past life is and support you on moving forward.
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yes, I totallly agree with babymai. Without past, there is no current you. Everyone makes mistakes, do not let the past eat you out!
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I think most of these answers are essentially correct.  There is one thing I would say tho and it is when you and your boyfriend talk do not tell him to 'move on' or as you said, 'get over it'.  Those comments are insulting and kind of a slap in the face.  Instead you could say something like 'we need to move ahead from this' and the others are correct- you have learned from your past and are today because of what you've learned.  If you and he want a serious relationship to work, he WILL have to figure out a way to move forward from your past and trust you.
Just my opinion mind you.
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Yesterday we got in an argument about all of this. It's really hard for him to put it behind him but he's trying. He said it will take time. How much time do i give him ? and how do i make the time before he is sure that i have changed be sooner?
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What you have done then is what you learned now. You have learned from your mistakes. And he feel for you now which is important. You are the way tyoare now because of your past. Its over now and he needs to understand that is not you now.move on  and keep your head up. As long as you learned from your mistakes it was a postive experiance.
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You just have to ride it out.
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Your past is your past. You cant change it. You have to put it behind you and not do it any more.
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He should accept your past and he should also remember that you already changed since you met him.
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The same duration, same outcome with or without - just the agony is changed.

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