Can Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes) Damage Lungs?


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Because e-cigarettes are a fairly new invention, not much research has been done on them yet - which means that we simply don't know the full effects that smoking them will have on your lungs.

Whilst there's no doubt that e-cigarettes are much safer than normal cigarettes, there have been suggestions that they can lead to certain health complications.

Are electronic cigarettes dangerous?
The main reason people choose e-cigarettes over regular smokes is the benefit to health. Electronic cigarettes don't contain tar, or any of the other harmful chemicals that normal cigarettes do.

They still contain nicotine, however - which can be dangerous and very addictive, but the presumption is that the vapor you're breathing in when you puff on an e-cigarette doesn't have any effect on your lungs.

However, research by Reuters Health suggests this might not be true. Their report claims that the vapor you breathe in when smoking an e-cigarette produces 'immediate changes' to your airways.

The study concluded that "using an e-cigarette for 5 minutes was found to cause an increase in impedance, peripheral airway flow resistance and oxidative stress among healthy smokers". To add to this hazard, people who smoke e-cigarettes have more opportunities to indulge in their habit. This is because the e-cigarette can be smoked indoors, and is always at hand - factors that make it harder to resist that normal cigarettes.
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As far as I am concerned, e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative of conventional smoking products. They are not harmful at all.

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No, at all.

It's just vapor with taste of tobacco, but it's not a real cigarette so it won't hurt anything inside you.
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The vaping devices have been widely applied by tobacco cigarette inhalers to help give up smoking. But is a vape pen safer than tobacco cigars? At least there is no negative news which can prove that it is harmful to human body. It has no addictive symptom which can cause lung cancer among smokers.

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Nichitecigs electronic cigarette , There has been much debate over the safety and efficiency of the products, answered

I got off regular cigarettes and got totally hooked on ECigs and was
smoking them for a year but they did not agree with me. I was Vaping a
lot. I had bleeding gums, heartburn, dehydration, Constipation, low
urine flow. 

I'm 47 and never had any of the problems before ECigs. I
believe the oil in ECigs is hard for your body to expel and becomes
collective and stays with you a long time. If you notice bleeding gums
or upset stomach when you first start them I would suggest not smoking

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No electronic cigs are not that dangerous. I don't say that they are totally safer for health but they are at least comparatively secure for health, more so than tobacco cigarettes. 

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No, electronic cigarettes are not that much danger like traditional
cigarettes. It does not contain all those harmful toxins, chemicals and tar
found in normal cigarettes.

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Yes, e-cigarettes
can damage our lunge but not very much like traditional cigarettes.
Electronic-cigarettes are much lighter
than traditional cigarettes.

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