I Have A Yearly Physical Exam With Blood Work. Will The Use Of Cocaine Effect My Blood Results? Will The Doctor Find Out About My Drug Use?


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Your blood test won't show up positive for cocaine unless your doctor specifically orders a toxicology report.

In most cases, this will not happen- so you should be safe!

Will cocaine show up on a routine blood test? Generally, doctors will only test you for cocaine (or other drugs) when they suspect that having it in your system might complicate your treatment.

For example, if you were booked in for surgery and showed up and the hospital acting like you were on cocaine, it's most likely your doctor would order a toxicology test to make sure there's no drugs in your system that might complicate your anesthesia.

If you're just going in for a routine test, your doctor won't bother with a toxicology report.

Will a doctor test me for drugs?
The main screening that a doctor will run is:

  • a complete blood count
  • a metabolic panel
  • a urinalysis
Cocaine will not show up on any of these.

Whether cocaine usage has an affect on your health and influence the tests indirectly is another matter all together...
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Ken B answered
Mostly cocaine use leaves the system within 3 days.

I am not SURE, but if you don't have any for a week you should be ok.
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If you used 72 hours prior to the test it could affect the results. It all depends on what they are testing for.

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