What Blood Types Can Be Made From B+ And O+ Parents?


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To understand the answer to this question you would need a quick course on how genes work. To put it very simply, our genes are basically carried on strands of DNA. Each DNA is a coil of two strands that make up a helix. Each trait is present on both of the strands adjacent to each other. For example, if you have brown hair, you will have the allele for brown on one strand. On the other, you may have an allele for brown too or you may have a recessive allele. A recessive allele is one that might be present but does not show up in the trait unless both the alleles are the same. A dominant allele will show up even if paired with a recessive allele. A parent passes on the copy of only one strand in the gamete. The other half then comes from the other parent. So, half our DNA comes from our mothers and half from our fathers.

Now let's come to blood groups. As it is, A and B are dominant alleles and O is a recessive allele. So, whenever an A or B are present, they will show up. If they are both present, we say they are co dominant and the person would have a blood group of AB.
So, from the information above we can say that the following blood groups may have the following genetic make ups:
Blood Group A = AO or AA
Blood Group B = BO or BB
Blood Group O = OO
Blood Group AB = AB

The parents in question are B and O. So the possible combination are BO and OO or BB and OO. Let's see what the offspring would be in each case:
Parents    OO   BB
Gametes O   O  B   B
Zygote    OB  OB  OB OB
Blood groups B  B  B  B
So, all offspring would have a blood group of B in this case.

Parents    OO   BO
Gametes  O  O   B  O
Zygote   OB OO  OB  OO
Blood group  B  O  B O
There is a 50% probability of the child having the blood group B or O.

Since both parents are rhesus positive, the child can be either rhesus positive or negative. So all the possible blood group types this couple can have are:
O+, B+, O- and B-.
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Nadi commented
Yes,its true.i m B+and my husband O+ .
We have 3 childrens.all are B+
1 lookslike me 2 looklike him
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It depends upon the genotype of B and O blood groups. The genotype of blood group B can be BB and BO while genotype of blood group O can be OO. If the genotype of blood group B is BB then the child will be blood group B with genotype BO. If the genotype of blood group B is BO then child can be of blood group B or blood group O with 50-50 chance.
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These parents can produce children with B or O blood types.  The children can be either Rh pos or Rh neg.
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I am a fraternal twin. My blood stains positive for both O and B antigens. This is a phenomenon that occurs in 8 % of fraternal twins. My mom was type B and my dad type O.
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Can both parents with O+ have children with B+ blood type?
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If both parents have O blood type, ALL of their offspring will be O blood type. If both are Rh pos, they can have Rh pos or Rh neg offspring.
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Chances are (without knowing your genotype) a child with the parents of those blood groups would most likely by B+, although should the father have the genotype BO then there's a chance the child would have an O+ blood group.
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My sister's blood group is AB+ while my father has O+ and mother has B+ blood group.This really confuses us.

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Is it possible for a mother with the blood group B+ and father O+ to have a child with blood type AB rh positive ?
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It depends upon the genotype of B and O blood groups. Not knowing your genotype makes it hard to determine. Could be B+, could be BO, or O+ blood group. Peace

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