If My Blood Type Is A+ And Girlfriends Blood Type Is O+ Can The Offspring Be A-?


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If a women's blood type is A+ and man is O- what would childs blood type be
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The short answer is "yes".
Just as a couple who both have type B blood can have a type "O" baby.
Actually it is much more common for an rh-negative child to have parents who are both rh positive!
A very good, clear, explanation by a *doctor* can be found here:

Hope this helps!
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If  I'm o+ an  husband is a+  can the baby be a+ o+ or A_
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You have not mentioned complete genotype of blood. Your blood type can be AA+or Aa+. Anyhow, if mother and father of child have + rh factor, then the offspring will always have +rh factor. The - rh factor of offspring can be resulted if anyone of parent have - rh.
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Oh good, I finally get it.  Thanks for posting a simple breakdown I can understand, lol.  There are some paternity questions that have arisen in my family and this helps greatly.
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Yes! Explanation below

Same with pos and neg - you possibly could have ++ or +-, but your
husband is --, so the baby could have a positive or negative Rh factor
- odds are it will be positive.

Perhaps I should explain further.

Blood Phenotype = A, B, and O. It takes two Phenotypes to make up a
blood type. When they test for blood type, you only get the dominant
Phenotype unless you are O or AB. So,

A is dominant over O

B is dominant over O

Only two O's can produce O.

An A and a B produces AB.

AA = Type A

AO = Type A

BB = Type B

BO = Type B

AB = Type AB

OO - Type O

Your child will receive half of his/her makeup from you and 1/2 from
your husband so if you are AA and your husband is AA or AO then the
child will have type A blood. If you are AO and your husband is AA then
the child will still have type A blood. Same if both of you are AA.
But, if you are AO and your husband is AO there is a possibility that
the child will have type A or type O blood. The same goes for Rh factor
as positive is dominate over negative. Your husband is neg/neg as that
is the only way to produce an Rh negative factor. You, on the other
hand, could be pos/neg or pos/pos. Therefore, the child could be
pos/neg and have a positive Rh factor or neg/neg and have a negative Rh
factor. If you really want a conclusive answer you are going to have to
find out what blood type you and your husband's parents have.

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