How Do You Slim Down Bulky Muscle?


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There are three stages in muscle formation. The first is exercise, the second is nutrition and the last is adequate rest. When the body senses that muscles have been damaged as in the case of resistance exercises, it uses periods of rest and the nutrients consumed to build the muscles stronger than before. This process is what forms bulky muscles. In order to loose muscle mass you have to limit protein consumption and restrict your daily exercises. Instead of muscle building exercise such as weights and resistance training try and indulge in aerobic type exercises. You need to be sure that the muscles do not just get converted to fat but are burned up by the body. Jogging is also a very effective way of loosing weight.
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Slimming down bulky muscles depends on what kind of bulky muscles you have. You either want them to (1) not be covered with fat or (2) make them bigger and have more residual muscle tone.

If you have fat on them you need to lose the weight. An effective way of doing this is adding cardio to your workout routine to burn off the fat, and eating well. If this is really important to you, count your calories and really focus on losing pounds of fat.

The second option is to make them bigger. Do this by working out with weights, doing 8-12 repetitions per set. This is the number of repetitions that is best for inducing muscle hypertrophy - an increase in muscle size. This will give you bigger muscles, along the lines of those that bodybuilders have, and the very act of weight training will give you more residual muscle tone. BUT no-one will see that toned muscle if it's covered with fat.

If you want more particulars on getting ripped check out this info about getting a six pack stomach. It'll help you slim down your bulky muscles.

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Hi! I am having some major issues with bulky muscles and I have not clue what to do about it. For a period of two month, I would drink a whey protein shake and work out. I was also on a low calorie diet. During this two month period, I increased my weight by 5 pounds although I was taking in low calories and working out consistently.
I have bulked up more than slimmed down and I need some assistance with slimming down. I still worked out 5 or 6 days a week, eat a low calorie diet, while not doing any strength training and no longer having protein shakes. I am not able to slim down and lose weight. Although I have lost a few inches, I have not lost one pound in a 4 months period.
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I think a good workout regimen will help. Though there should be a proper check on the diet you are having but doing cardio or any other hardcore exercises will help as well. One can also try plus size yoga as well.

YOGA is the best alternative to shed away that extra fat.

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