Are Twins Hereditary From Fathers Side?


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Fraternal twins, that is non identical twins, can be hereditary, the gene that will cause the female to release multiple eggs at the same time is heredited via an x chromosome.  While the father can not himself have hereditary fraternal twins, since obviously he can't release multiple eggs, what he can do if he is a carrier of this gene, is pass it on to his children. Effectively the twin factor from the fathers side of the family will appear to skip a generation as the male can pass the gene onto his daughters who may have a multiple birth.

Identical twins are not hereditary.
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Twins can be inherited from both the paternal and the maternal side. Scientists have said that only fraternal twins can have a genetic link but now they are saying identical twins can have a genetic link too.         I myself have a friend who is an identical twin. Her dads brother also had identical twin girls too.   So two full brothers both had a set of identical twin girls. Very interesting too.      This seems to be from some   paternal inheritance factor in this family.
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Well it depends on if there is a second egg in the ovual system at the time of conception...hope this helps!!!:)
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I think it would be a greater chance if the woman would have it in her genes than if the dad would because its the woman who will produce one or two eggs ..but it can happen...

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