Can I Have Twins If The Father Is A Twin?


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Yes your chances are very high than those who do not have twins in their family history. My dad is a twin and so is my husband. I am now expecting twins!- boy and girl!!! I can't wait!!
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My baby's father is a twin, but, there is not a lot of history with twins  in his family or mine. Will I have twins?
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My Husband's Father is a Twin. Is it possible that I could have twins?
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I just had twins and my brothers are twins n so is my husband!!!
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I don't think there is any such connection. I have twin cousins from my maternal side, but there is no history of the birth any twins among their ancestors. Whereas, a cousin from my paternal side have twins, and his grandmother gave birth to twins as well who died some days after their birth. So I would say that it is actually a matter of luck.
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Men have nothing to do with twins.
It is the woman that release one, or two, or five eggs.
Having twins is an inheritable trait for girls not boys.
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Anything can be possible. The old wives' tale is that twins skip a generation. If that's the case, then you're safe. It will be your kids that have the twins.

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