How To Go Into A Deep Trance?


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To experience deep trance, you should do meditation or yoga. There are a number of yoga exercises you can do. The best way to get into a deep trance is to switch on a light music, such as lounge or trance music and just relax yourself. You should close your eyes and have a clear conscience. Remove all the thoughts that are going on in your mind and have a picture of something. Keep staring at the picture in your mind and let the music take control of your mind, body and soul. Sometimes going into a deep trance also results in sleep. After you wake up, you will feel extremely fresh and full of energy. It is better to get into a deep trance by lying on your bed than sitting because sitting might make your body ache.
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You should practice meditation regularly, on daily basis, be experienced, focused and consistent in it and then you will slowly go in a trance. If you are a beginner you should start out slow, and do not rush things. Here are some tips and techniques for beginners, only with solid start you will be able to be good enough to achieve the trance later on.

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Or listen to TRANCE music if you like it. It's very Euphoric and you'll be taken away to a higher place!

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