Is There A Treatment For Deep Vain Thrombosis?


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Yes there is a treatment involve in the deep vain thrombosis there is some difficulties in detection of this disease so when it is detected then you can easily cure this disease. Ultrasonography is used in order to diagnose the disease. People who are suffering from this disease then use to extend their ankles approximately 20 minutes a day. They can also be the surgery as the treatment for the deep vain thrombosis.
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Hi I had an opperation last friday, I had a tvt tape put in and they did not put stockings on me after I have whats is like a pulled muscle in the back of my carve is this any thing to worry about many thanks bev
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Consider this... A Randomized Trial of Rosuvastatin in the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism. Robert J. Glynn, Eleanor Danielson, Francisco A.H. Fonseca, et al.  N Engl J Med 29 March 2009

Rosuvastain = crestor

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