When Are The Safe Days To Have Sex Without Getting A Girl Pregnant?


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The only safe days are when you're wearing a condom and she's on the pill. That's the ONLY time birth control is 100% effective.
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While I love the enthusiasm, the only 100% effective action is NOT having sex. It doesn't matter how much birth control you use. I have a son using that same method, pill and condom.
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There are no SAFE DAYS to not get her pregnant. There are only days where it is easier to get her pregnant. If you don't want the chance of having a baby, don't have sex!! It doesn't matter how much birth control you use. I have a son using that same method, pill and condom. Even surgical sterilization isn't 100% effective. Don't do it, or expect the 1% chance if you use birth control that it could happen.
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Every woman ovulated differently and there are no safe days. A woman can get pregnant at any time and yes there are days when it is less likely. The only sure way to not get a girl pregnant is to not have sex because birth control and condoms are not 100% protective against pregnancy.
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Safe from what? Pregnancy?
There is no "Safe Period". Don't have sex or if you do make sure you use protection. Even that only has a 99% chance of succeeding.
Ask a doctor if you don't believe me or Google it. There is NO SAFE PERIOD. This is a dumb lie circulating through schools and stuff and it is just not true.
A female can get pregnant any time of the month, even on her period.
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Why aren't you answering the question.. ? Telling someone to just not have sex isn't helping them. The sooner people realize that ppl are just going to have sex and there's nothing you can do about, people began to help them make their sexual encounters more safe.

So next time how about answer the question as opposed to saying "the safest way is abstinence"
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The only truly safe days to avoid pregnancy are the NO SEX days.  Keep in mind that ovulation occurs 10-14 days following the first period day and sperm is viable for up to 3 days.  Every woman is different.  No method of birth control is entirely fool proof even in conjunction (condom/pill) including sterilization. (I got pregnant while on the pill)

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