Can A Girl Be Pregnant If She Has Had Her Periods 4 Days After Sex?


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No, she cannot be pregnant. The very fact that the girl has had her periods shows that the egg that she had released for fertilization with sperm from a male has not been fertilized.

In other words, menstruation means that the women's body, which had been primed and fully prepared for receiving the sperm from the male and then starting the process of implantation of the new life within her body has not succeeded. The uterus, which would have been lined with oxygen rich blood and tissue in preparation for conception will thereafter be shed through the woman's vagina, and this shedding of the lining of the uterus is what is referred to as menstruation. This process repeats itself every twenty eight days at an average.

If the woman has not become pregnant, she starts her period, and in this case, she has not become pregnant, and this is why she started on her period.
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Some women HAVE periods throughout their pregnancy. Most do not. Never say never. Some of my patients had periods and didn't realize they were pregnant until they started showing--growing uterus.
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Actually a girl can be pregnant and still get her period throughout the entire pegnancy. It is quite common for a girl to have her period up unitl she is at least 2 months pregnant
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If you want to conceive, you must try out with sex after periods with in 10-14 days wherein both have to get into peaks and the sperm count should match to the egg release.

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