How Do You End Your Menstral Cycle A Day Early?


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I am pretty sure that you cannot end your menstral cycle early. You can control when your menstral cycle comes on because you can take the pill for a little longer (up to three months according to some doctors).

Unfortunately we can only control our bodies to a certain extent and if you really want your menstral cycle to end a day early then you will need to try and make your period come on a day earlier than usual which can only be done if you are using the pill.

The thing with periods is that they are just not regular at the best of times and whilst a pill may help, they sometimes have a mind fo their own. For example, I have been taking my current pill for just over a year and it has changed constantly. Currently I stop taking the pill and my period does not start for up to four days afterwards and a little bleeding continues after I start taking it again. So, even the pill may not work all of the time.

So to answer your question it is usually not possible to end your menstral cycle a day early but just to be sure it might be better to talk with your doctor.

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