Before My Period I Get An Increased Appetite And Put On Weight. My Doctor Says It's All In My Mind. Is He Right? And How Can I Stop The Cravings?


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There are two issues to deal with here: Firstly, your doctor is wrong. Cravings are a common symptom of PMS, and you'll find that most women feel the need to indulge in some comfort food at that time of the month.

The second issue is how you deal with those cravings. Luckily, this part I can help you with. Some of the most effective ways to deal with cravings follow below:

How to deal with increased appetite before period There's two things to remember about cravings:
  1. Cravings are perfectly normal before a period
  2. They can be pretty difficult to shake off
If you'v ever been pregnant, or lived with someone that has, then you'll know just how hard the cravings can hit.

Curing PMS cravings The easiest way to deal with cravings is to preempt them. You won't be able to stop them from hitting, but you sure as hell can stock up the fridge in preparation.
There's nothing worse (for your waistline) then opening up the fridge about being faced with a mouthwatering selection of calorific snacks and treats.
The most effective way to deal with your hunger pangs is to make sure you're surrounded by delicious but healthy food.

Snacks that will help you fight your cravings Now I know what you're thinking, not more multi-grain fibre bars and slimming shakes!
Fear not! Whilst those products are all valid ways of filling up without piling on the pounds, there are loads of delicious and healthy options you can snack on.

Some of my favorites include:
  • Dark chocolate (a lot healthier than you might think! Also full of antioxidants!)
  • Yogurt and honey- One of my favorite combos for a quick snack
  • Fruit- keeping a fruit bowl nearby really makes a difference. Get creative and explore different fruits. I really like kiwis, mango and papaya!
  • Cheese and grapes- a 30g of cheddar with some grapes equals less than 200 calories!
  • pumpkin soup
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The reason HE said its all in your head is because HE has never had a period or menopause in his life. Good news! It's not in your head. I know when my period is due because I start craving a lot of sweet stuff and my appetite increases. There's no need for diet pills. Drink warm water/hot water or alternatively try herbal teas. I like to drink cranberry tea. To satisfy your sugar cravings just eat lots of fruits. You can eat honey as it breaks down faster than sugar. As for chocolate and junk food, you just have to stop yourself from snacking on them. If you're like me and feel the need to eat again even after a huge meal then try having cereal or oats. I am not a junk food lover anyways so I love snacking on carrots or steamed broccoli.

For those who gain lots of weight during their period. Hot water does the trick. It cleanses the digestive system so you go to toilet easier. I know this helps because I get clogged up a week before my period which makes it harder for me to empty my system. Hot water is also like a pain relief and prevents blood clots forming during your period. You don't have to curl up and mope all day just because its the time of the month. Get up and do stuff, go for a walk. Do some housework, cooking, baking etc..

I know this may sound weird but going shopping and stocking up on personal hygiene stuff in preparation for the big day actually makes me feel good :)
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I have the same problem and it gets on my nerves so much. I just eat! Eat! Non-stop until my period comes then I relax.
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If it is all in your head then it is all in mine too!!  I don't have to look at the calendar, I can tell when I'm about to start my period by the way I want to eat the shingles off the roof (so to speak).  I get so hungry, like I'm going to be sick if I don't eat just that minute and I eat junk that I wouldn't normally eat, I don't even have to like it and I will eat it anyway.

Doctors will tell you to get more exercise and drink more water which does not work for me since all I drink is water anyway, there are plenty of pills that will curb the appetite but I don't take pills, so, the thing that works best for me is to keep a stash of high fiber nutrition bars on me at all times, it prevents me from taking a quick drive through a drive-threw.  I used to like the slimfast oatmeal meal bars but they changed the ingredients and now they are gross so I eat strawberry & oats Fiber One bars, these help between meals and are 140 calories vs. 400  or more calories per episode. 

I wish you well and am happy to hear any secrets you may have to control this hunger.
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I think  the  key  word  there  is  "he."

It's  perfectly  normal. Don't  let  a  doctor, especially  one  who  can't  fully  empathize  with  you, tell  you  that  it's  in  your  mind. Men  really should  not  be  in  that  field.
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I wish that I could offer some advise but I go through the exact same thing and have been unable to find anything that helps. I've done everything from trying to kill my appetite with diet pills (something I am totally against but soooo desperate) to trying to find pills that make sugar taste really bad. I have terrific willpower any time outside of the PMS. I eat very very healthy and even my co-workers make fun of me because I never give into temptation EXCEPT when I have PMS. I eat things that I don't even care for just because it's sweet.

I'm like a possessed person digging in the refrigerator and hanging out by the vending machines, it's just crazy. I can't stop myself and I have even been known to eat my co-workers desserts after they leave the office, it's freaking embarrassing and one of the most frustrating things I've ever dealt with. I'm 40 so I'm constantly struggling to keep weight off to begin with & then I gain about 5 pounds and spend a few weeks working my butt off to lose it only to have to deal with it again. Sorry to vent, I just needed to. When can someone offer some hope for this. I'm sitting here now and I've already had lunch but I can't get full, I never ever feel full, I could literally eat all day long & all I want to eat right now is a big chocolate brownie.
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Almost all women get an increased appetite before their period and it is a classic symptom of PMS. Not all doctors believe that it can increase your appetite but that doesn't mean that it doesn't. Most women just give in to their cravings but if they are causing you problems there are various things that you could try.

Do you do any exercise on your period? While too much exercise is not recommended, light exercise can be really beneficial. Things such as going for a walk or a gentle aerobic workout can really help keep you in shape and actually make you feel a little better. Many women don't do anything at all as they feel too tired and bloated, but if you can force yourself to do a little each day you should find that it really helps.

Another thing you can do is drink plenty of water. Not only useful advice for your period, but a great tip for every single day. Water generally fills people up, especially if drinking a glass just before a meal.

If all else fails you could try to see another doctor and get a second opinion. There is always something you can do and the most important thing to know is you are not on your own and it does happen to a lot of women.
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I know exactly how that feels!!  I just started working with a Chinese Medicine Doctor/Acupuncturist and the results are INCREDIBLE; WOW.  He is very intelligent, as is this system of medicine.  It can take virtually ANY sign or symptom and come up with an explanation for it and help to support the body.  I would recommend this type of medicine to anyone and everyone... Honestly try it!!!!  The results are incredible.
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I have the same problem.  One thing that have worked for me is to do a 3 day cleanse using the "Master Cleanse" diet right before the craving starts.  The Master Cleanse diet is usually recommended for 7-10 days but I use it for 3-5 days.  The cayenne pepper in the reciepe helps to suppress my appetite while the maple syrup provides enough calorie.

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