Is A Clear Snotty Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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1. Check Out the Colors

For women, leakage from the vagina
in the form of a thick discharge is normal. The mucus could be showing
up for any number of reasons. A clear mucus could be a sign that you're
in the mood for sex or that you're body is merely doing a little
self-cleaning. Before rushing out to the doctor for a prescription,
look closely at the color of the discharge to determine its origin. A
darker color associated with an odor and soreness or itching could be
signs of a problem. Some amount of vaginal discharge is normal in most women of
childbearing age. However, atypical discharge could be a symptom of a
vaginal infection. Normal vaginal discharge is clear, white or slightly
yellowish in color. Vaginal discharge that indicates a potential
vaginal infection can be greenish or grayish in color, have an
unpleasant odor and/or have an abnormal consistency. Help this helps :o)
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You need to see a gynecologist
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I am assuming you are talking about nasal discharge. A virus and bacterial infection can cause this. If you are running a fever or if it goes on a long time you should see your doctor. It could also be an allergy or an allergic reaction. If you are concerned you can have it check out but if you are not having any other symptoms it will probably go away on it own in a few days.
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Well I had unprotected sex about eight days ago when I was on my period well he came in me and the next day I stopped all together well now am having the same thing happen to me but I still have to wait to take a pregnant test but I was told that it could be that I am pregnant but I don't know for sure if thats the true until I take a test but I have the feeling of bloating and feel sick now in the morning and I also been having lower back-pain its really dull feeling but I still feel it I really hope to find out whats going on but I don't know if this helped any but this whats happening to me
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It's usually a sign of a bacterial infection or a yeast infection.... Try a home pregnancy test and consult your doctor

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