Is Increased Vaginal Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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caroline answered
Headaches can be a symptom in early pregnancy. The vagina's secretions alter all the time so its hard to say if that's a symptom too, altho it can be. It could also be something else like a yeast infection. The most telling thing is your missed period; you need to see a doctor or do a home pregnancy test.
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ray of light answered
The increased vaginal discharge can be due to pregnancy but it is not an authentic sign. During pregnancy, due increase in progesterone levels, fungus can grow, resulting in leucorrhea. The first authentic sign of pregnancy is missing of periods. If you have missed periods then test HCG levels in blood and urine.
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It could be if you have been unsafe, or you can have an infection of some sort, either UTI, or a bacterial infection.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Vaginal bleeding occurs in many pregnancies but white discharge doesn't come in early pregnancy. Missed period can be because of hormonal imbalance. You might be stressed out in the past few days.

Still one very good idea is to take blood pregnancy test, that will rule out all sort of doubts from your mind. Don't be afraid and have faith in God.

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