How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Blood Of Unborn Babies?


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There is no concrete scientific research to determine how long illegal and abusive substances stay in the system of an unborn baby.

I would advise you not to take any form of illegal drug whilst you are pregnant, as you could significantly hinder the life of your unborn child.

There are numerous scientific studies which all conclude that taking illegal drugs during pregnancy is extremely harmful to the baby, stalls development and could lead to serious health concerns.

Women who take abusive substances during pregnancy are unfit mothers, and luckily drug testing has been introduced into many American delivery units.

If abusive drugs are found in the babies system then you will be punished severely, and rightly so. 

How long do drugs stay in an unborn baby?
The effects of common abusive drugs on a unborn baby:

  • Marijuana: Reduces the oxygen supply to the baby and can increase the chances of miscarriage, and behavioral and learning problems.
  • Cocaine: Increases the chance of premature labor and miscarriage. It will also cause withdrawal symptoms and defects of the genitals, brain and kidneys.
  • Heroin: Heroin has serious medical implications and will cause withdrawal symptoms. It may cause bleeding on the brain and, with continued use, death.
  • LSD: Hallucinogens can cause developmental defects, lack of muscle control, tremors and low birth weight.

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