I'm 5 months pregnant and my stomach hurts pretty bad throughout the day is this normal?


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Yes, stomach pain is normal but you should seek advice from your doctor.

Stomach cramps and general aches
When you are carrying a baby, an immense amount of pressure is put on your muscles, joins and skin in your tummy. It's little wonder that they can ache every day. Imagine carrying a shopping bag full of water around 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your arms may be strong but they will soon start aching. With so much required of the muscles in your tummy, cramps are common.

Remove the pressure to ease the pain
To ease the pain of over-worked muscles and stretched skin, you need to give these areas a break. Thankfully, cramping will usually only affect one side. This is because the baby will tilt in the womb and put more pressure on a particular point in your body. If this is the case, sit down or lie down on the side opposite to where the pain is. Take your feet off the ground too.  This resting of the embattled muscles will usually ease the pain.

A bath will help to relax
To relax aching muscles, take a warm bath. If you don't have one though, you can still use the principle of direct heat to calm muscles down. Use a hot water bottle or wheat bag on the painful areas. If you do this, don't be tempted to do something else at the same time. The idea is to relax so don't be folding clothes, making phone calls or doing any other chores while sitting down.

See a doctor
Stomach pain is normal in pregnancy, but it doesn't necessarily mean that yours is. That's why you should talk through it with a professional. They should never be upset with you for wasting their time as pregnancy is a scary time and they understand that. Other causes of stomach pain include appendicitis, kidney stones, urinary tract infection or gall bladder problems. It's best to get these ruled out.
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I'm 5 months pegnant and my stomach is always hurting, aswell as my lower back. In the evenings when I sit down its difficult for me to get back up, because I'm in so much agony. Went for my 20 week scan though and everything seemed normal. I think these pains are due to the baby growing because we are half way there now. Good luck to everyone and all the best for the little pride and joy coming into our lives shortly.
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There can be a lot of reasons for the pain.  I strained the ligament that holds up the uterus when I was five months pregnant and that hurt A LOT!  I've also had a herniated belly button which causes stomach pain.  The best thing to do is talk to your OB.  They are the only person that can tell you if it is serious or not.
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Snap im 5 mths pregnant an have had surgery on my hernia around my belly is the worst pain i have ever had an ive given birth 4 times i cant sleep on my side because its to painfull. The only thing that works is to hold it with your hand while you sit up. Im not looking forward to getting any bigger
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Always get every think checked out even if it seems silly to you. Its normal to have some pains at 5 mths pregnant you little one is active more than you think .some think moving around inside you all day every day is sure to take its toll on you. Call gp an just book appoinment put your mind at rest x
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I think it is normal, I'm 5 months & my tummy ain't that big and when I wake up, it hurts son bad & my backk has been hurtinq since last month buh I'm fine :)
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I'm pretty sure your cool I'm 5months and my stomach it doesnt hurt like a stomach ache more like I'm about to get cramps kinda like pressure maybe n it goes around to my back I think your good
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I'm pretty sure this is not normal. Through 4 pregnancies, I've never experienced it. Consult your ob-gyn with any concerns you may have.. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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