My Wife Is 5 Months Pregnant And We Have Sex Almost Every Day. Will This Affect The Baby Or Mother In Any Way? Can We Continue This And Till What Time.


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It won't harm the baby or the mother in anyway, if the pregnancy is perfectly normal without any complications. And you can continue it for as long as the two of you feel comfortable. In my opinion, it should not be done after 6th month because it starts hurting too much. But that's not the case with all women. If your wife is comfortable you can continue till the end.

In fact, in the end, it may help in bringing on labour.
Sex and sexual intercourse are not harmful during pregnancy. The foetus lies safely in the mother's womb and occasional movement, contact or orgasms cannot cause it any harm. During the action of orgasm, the womb will contract a little more than usual, but these aren't the same contractions as those just before delivery. But it should be kept in mind that there are no genital infection such as herpes or chlamydia.

However sex during pregnancy is not advisable if:
• If there's bleeding during pregnancy or after having intercourse it should always be reported to a doctor. An examination of the cervix and possibly an ultrasound scan will be suggested.

Once the baby arrives you may not be able to have sex too often, so better enjoy it while you can :) Just be gentle and nice :)

Have fun!
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Anyone that thinks having sex while pregnant will harm the baby or cause a miscarriage is not living in the 21st century. Try this novel idea out , GOOGLE  it and you will find many medical sites with more than enough info. Also, having sex around due date is very good. Male semen contains prostoglandins that  actually help thin the cervix.
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Take care during sex and avoid penetrative sex as she is close to the time of delivering the baby.
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You got about another month to safely have sex with your lady
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Stop having sex while your wife is pregnant
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My husband and I refused to have s*x during my pregnancy. My doctor said it would hurt the baby.  We decided to listen to his advice. Now I'm my husband doing Bl*wjob and help to finish when he w*****s this site I know he's not cheating on me. I understand that it is difficult for him. Me too, but we love and respect each other. That's significant.

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You shouldnt have sex when she is that late in pregnancy it can cause serious issues. I know someone who lost two babies because she was having sex while pregnant

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