What Causes Low Heart Rate In Teenagers?


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Having a slow heart rate does not necessarily mean that there is something drastically wrong with you.  A low heart rate particularly in healthy and active teenagers can mean that the body has been used to a lot of exercise deeming the individual fit. This means that the pulmonary system is working effectively and that quite simply it does not have to work as hard to pump the same amount of blood around the body. However, there can be other symptoms that would cause a slow hear rate such as fatigue and feeling lethargic.

Teenage bodies go through huge amounts of change, usually in a very short space of time. It is during the adolescent stage that the body is growing at a rapid rate, and altering quickly as it changes from child to adult. Taking this into account, it is therefore hard to estimate the appropriate cardiovascular health for a teenager. For a teenager the normal resting heart rate is believed to be anywhere between 50 and 90 beats per minute. This estimate, of course, is dependent on specific factors, such as your level of fitness. The resting heart rate of a teenager differs from the resting heart rate of adult because the philology of an adolescent is different and generally heart rate is higher the older you are.

Factors such as caffeine and a nervous or anxious disposition can affect an individual’s resting heart rate, along with other self inflicting elements such as nicotine and alcohol. Alternately, the maxima heart rate for a teenager is considered to be 200 and 205 beats per minute. The maximum heart rate is usually measured after a bout of exercise, where by your level of cardiovascular fitness can be measured. I order to maintain a healthy heart rate it is important to exercise regularly and to avoid such substances as nicotine and caffeine that can affect the fitness of your heart.
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My daughter was just admitted to the hospital for a low heart rate of 48. She has an eating disorder and being malnourished was the cause of her low heart rate. She looks like a healthy 15 year old (not overly skinny at all) and very active in sports and excels in school. They can be very good at hiding eating disorders. The more people I talk to about this the more I realize that it is a very common problem in girl teens and often times goes unnoticed.
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Can you please tell me what causes low heart rate in teens I have a 15 year old daughter and she has a low heart rate I do have family with heart problems. Is this  a problem I have to worry about with my daughter
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You should consult the doctor to find out the right answer, because it depends on each circumstance.

By the way, to have a healthy heart, each person need keep a proper diet.

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Plausibly, the same things that cause low heart rates in everyone.  Much depends on a persons 'typcial' heart rate.  Heart rates are dependant upon a number of things like age, gender, level of fitness and level of health. 

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Being very fit can cause a low heart rate, but it just means that your pulmonary system is working very effectively, it doesn't have to work as hard to pump the same amount of blood around you body. Track runners can have a resting heart rate of 50, while most average sit at about 65-75 beats per minute. Other causes are varying and would proliferate with other symptoms like fatigue and feeling lethargic.

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