How Do You Use Fresh Lavender?


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A good way to use lavender is to finely chop it and mix it into unscented lotion and it will make a great smelling lotion! =)
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A good use for lavender is to aid peaceful sleep. Just put a bunch of lavender on or under your pillow and it should promote a good night's rest.
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It really works only i found it in a spray at Bath and Body Works. I used to use it for my daughter when she couldn't sleep, she loves it and still uses it herself today, Imagine that a 13 wants to actually fall asleep.
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There are plenty of uses for fresh lavender but what matters most is how you want to use it. For instance you can use it in cooking, to fill your house with its aroma or you can even add it to your water for that relaxing bath. It's a great way to de-stress. Traditionally lavender has been hailed as the Queen when it comes to aromatic herbs. Add a little to your laundry for some great smelling sheets or clothes.

You can use it to add that dash of flavour to any meal. It has been used in the preparation of chicken, lamb or even vegetarian dishes. You can throw in a small number of fresh flower heads in a jar filled with mild-flavoured honey. Simply leave it alone to steep for a number of weeks for some great flavour. Put a few spoonfuls of fresh lavender flowers to a crisp biscuit mix prior to baking for that delicious zing.

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