Will I Get Pregnant If The Sperm Spoofed Near By My Vagina


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Could be a number of things like herpacyphagonnorreaids. Could be that he eats too much sodium. Could be an infection. Could be a bad idea to allow him to ejaculate inside of you. You've had many partners? So has he I've bet. So exactly what diseases did he pick up from other smelly vaginas? Who knows. Let's hope that if there is anything std-wise that it's bacterial (therefore treatable) and not venerial. I hate to answer a question with a question, but is there discharge as well? Is your cycle showing up on time. Notice any new bumps? Has your genitalia changed in texture at all? Are there little round scars on his penis? Does it burn when you pee? Is he uncircumcised and have poor hygene and therefore have an excessive amount of smegma (the dreaded *ick-cheese)? Is he otherwise unhygenic? Is he circumsized and has smegma buildup anyhow? Is the area in which you're having sex clean. I mean when you put sperm into a vagina it DOES smell different than your hoo-hoo normally would but it should not be a pungent oder. Go see your gynecologist.
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You can get pregnant only if the sperm got inside your vaginal tract..
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Its a 20% chance, technically it depends on how fertile that sperm is.. And non technically you don't have to bother about that, if you miss your periods then you have to go for a pregnancy test.
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If there is an odor that is unfamiliar, see either your family doctor, or a gynecologist. There are several vaginal issues which can cause an odor. If it is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) you and your boyfriend may be passing it back and forth. Douching may help, however, before Douching I would strongly recommend seeing the doctor first.  Douching will kill or just remove both the good bacteria, as well as the bad. Unfortunately, that may leave you open for more of a foul odor.

If your doctor says you have an infection, ask if your boyfriend should be treated as well.
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maybe...but then again, it might be something else....might be worth it to have your gynecologist check you out.

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