Can U Get Pregnant Using Pull Out Method 2 Days Before Expected Ovulation?


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Yes it is possible to get pregnant even if he pulls out before ejaculation.
During intercourse, way before ejaculation occurs, a fluid escapes from the male sex organ. This is in layman terms known as Pre-cum.
Research has proven that Pre-cum is capable of fertilizing ova. If implantation of the ova further takes place then you are pregnant!
Unprotected sex is basically calling pregnancy unto thyself because he need not ejaculate to get you pregnant.
Now you know, try to be more careful next time.
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It is possible. Some seamen will be released during intercourse, even before he ejaculates. It is less likely than if he ejaculated inside you, but it still possible. If you are late for your next period, you should take a test.
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I'm still amazed with all the help and advice available. It's simple, unprotected sex for any length of time and regardless of whether or not he ejaculates will lead to pregnancy.
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Yes there is always a chance.  Just like "Flashdance" said.  Wear a condom and take care of your self.
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Ah the old pull out method doesn't work every time. My first pregnancy was a result of that method it was about a year of having unprotected sex before I got pregnant though and you think you would learn but my current pregnancy is a result of that as well I got pregnant in 5 months .Consider yourself lucky if you're not and use a condom.
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Absolutely. Pull out is the worst form of birth control as a males lubricant contains tons of sperm which are released long before he pulls out. If you are worried get morning after pill. May mess up hormones for a bit, but at least you won't get a surprise package from heaven
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It depends on the day you did it. If you had your periods 2 weeks ago and had sex yesterday or today. The chances that you will get pregnant is more because you are most likely in the middle of your cycle and it is the ovulating period. But remember, you will get a lot of scary answers that you will get pregnant and stuffs.

I was really worried once and called the health line. 3 nurses told me that a woman can become pregnant on during a specific week of a month, even just 2-4 days during a month. But that does not mean that you cannot fall pregnant the other days.

But next time, wear a condom and try to stay safe.
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Sperm is always leaving the male because it creates lubrication. So yes, you can get pregnant and you can get pregnant by having sex on your period, too. If you are having unprotected sex, with one person, then you need to think ahead and not get pregnant. If you are having sex with multiple partners then you NEED to use rubbers, condoms. You wouldn't want to end up on Maury with 5 guys and they aren't the daddy.
Think smart and take care of yourself-when a guy gets a boner all the blood leaves his brain and he is like a bad humping dog.
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Of course you can, it's a common misconception that you can't get pregnant if your boyfriend uses the "pull out" method. You see, there's something called pre-cum which still contains sperm, and you can still get pregnant even if he does pull out. There's a reason why it's also called the "pull and pray" method. With that said, it is not an effective way of avoiding pregnancy. Using a condom would be much safer.
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Yes you can. I got pregnant from using the pull out method so I know it's not an effective form of b.c. Precum gets inside you and can get you pregnant.
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Yep if any sperm came in contact with your vagina you can't even see them with the naked eye and if he did not remove himself in time,that is a big chance you are taking.....the best to you
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Yes, it's absolutely possible that you are having a long cycle!
I normally have a 28 day cycle but this month ovulated on CD 25, three days before my expected periods. I know that this is when I ovulated because I was using opks and charting my basal body temperature.
Now, I'm not 100% that you have fertile CM... The stretchiness is promising, but (at least for me) fertile CM is thin and slippery as well as stretchy. It's also usually almost clear. Ovulation Calculator is a easy and simple to use application to calculate the actual time of ovulation and determine the fertile period.

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Actually that is false lovetaurus. There is no cum  in pre-ejaculation. There have been plenty of test to prove that. Pre-ejaculation can pick up sperm from other times the male has ejaculated, but it is a VERY very low chance of someone getting pregnant off it.

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