Tell About What Age Should Women Take HRT ? What Is The Time To Stop HRT? Is Long Term Use Of HRT Safe?


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HRT, hailed as the treatment that was supposed to liberate woman more than the pill did, has been advocated for the last
15 years. However research suggests it is not all a bed of roses, and scientists, really do not have all the answers as to it's long term use, there have been some negative reports about cancer risk etc.
So, no conclusive answers. What is clear however, is that more and more woman are choosing the natural alternatives, like soya, black cohosh, yam extract, and various other herbal treatments to treat hot flushes and other
symptoms associated with this stage of life, for women.
I suggest when you next go for your check up, at your doctor, or wellness clinic, that you ask them about how long HRT can continue. I'm sure they will answer as long as you want to have active relations with a partner, and then you can ask about the natural alternatives, which are available in supermarkets and health shops.
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It is also considered inhumane, due to the conditions of the pregnant mares confined for their urine, from which the progesterone is derived. Hence drugs like "Pre-ma-rin".

Also, naturopathic doctors are against HRT because it throws your other hormones out of wack, and contributes to bones breaking. Osteoporotic bone loss accellerates after the HRT stops. So, you need it for life, risking heart disease, and maybe ongoing periods - depends on the dosage. Natural progesterone cream has been used as an alternative, topically. Wild yam is one source. Soy milk has marginal amounts of hormones, per my own holistic doctor, no nevermind. There is info on, and other alternative medicine sites.

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