If I Go Too Long Between Meals My Hands Shake And I Get Dizzy Then If I Eat Something Too Sugary I Get Extremely Tired...should I See A Doc Or Try To Balance My Diet Better?


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These could be a couple of things.  First of all, dizziness and shaking are normal signs of hunger.  And feeling tired after a sugar high is also normal.  However, both of these could be signs of diabetes.  I recommend going to the doctor to be sure and seeing what he says.
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Could be warning signs of becoming diabetic, definitely see a doctor asap.
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Haha, sounds like someone doesn't like the idea of diabetes, given our poor ratings.
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It sounds like you have a sugar problem.When you get shaky and dizzy your sugar is to low . When you eat something sweet it will bring your sugar back up  but  if you don't back that sugar up with some protein ( like egg,cheese, meat ) it will crash that is why you get tired and you can pass out.Go to the doctor and have him do a sugar test.
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First of all, you should see a doctor about this...

I can say that I don't have issues with becoming dizzy or getting shaky hands when I go without eating, so definitely see a doctor if you or anyone else reading this are experiencing issues such as this.

Aside from that, limit your sugar intake if you find you have adverse reactions to it.

Try having 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day and see what that does for you.

Also, try cutting back on processed foods and eat more veggies/fruits/nuts/lean meats.

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