What Hormone Imbalance Could Mimic Pregnancy Symptoms?


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Hormone imbalance can affect women from the age group of twenty of forty years old. Symptoms of hormone imbalance have a propensity to rise as a woman gets older, particularly if not paid attention to in the early years. Hormone imbalance often mimics pregnancy symptoms, for example depression, mood swings, weight gain, bloating etc. are all symptoms of hormonal imbalance as well as that of pregnancy.

This hormonal imbalance is a result of a faulty co relationship between two hormones, progesterone and oestrogen. These hormones are only found in women and co exist keeping a fragile balance between them. The quantities of these hormones which the body generates on a monthly basis differ, depending on elements like stress, diet and most crucially, on ovulation.
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Hi I am 19 years old, me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for the past year, and for some reason, it seems like nothing is helping. I have recently started going to infertility treatments. The Doctor prescribed me with PROVERA, to help get my period back, it came once, and i have had it back for 3 months. I'm afraid there is no helping me. I dont know what to do, and it seems like the more i think about it, the more depressed i become!!!
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I haven't gotten my period but when I took 2 pregnancy tests the results were negative. I still haven't gotten my period in over a month what's wrong?

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