What Does The Persistence Of Memory Signify?


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'The persistence of memory' or 'la persistencia de la memoria' is inarguably the most famously renowned painting by surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The painting is refereed to casually by many other names including 'soft watches', 'melting clocks' etc.

The painting is a milestone in the area of surrealism. By introducing to the world the painting of a soft melting watch Dali achieved a great deal in terms of conceptualisation.

There is a humane figure in the painting as well, but cannot be easily distinguished.

The painting is basically a visual and metaphorical connotation of the concept of the bending of time. It goes to say that time has no meaning at all; it is just like 'cheese' as aptly put by Dali himself. The painting is meant to give a realistic appearance to a dream like sequence
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Nothing it is just a painting. Not everything has to have a meaning. Not everything symbolizes something else. Quit looking too deep!

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