How Do You Tighten Your Vaginal Walls?


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You can do Kegal exercises. Lay down and contract your muscles down there, like when you pee, and you have to stop, do that, that is contracting the muscles down there, and will help tighten them up, but you have to do them everyday. My doctor told me that after I had my daughter, and it has worked.
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Your kegel muscles its the muscles you use to hold in your pee when you go to the bathroom stop your pee in mid flow and you've found them! Squeeze them as much as you can and you should tighten up I've been doing this for years and as a result I never los my virgin tightness
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Try can find it it any pharmacy.
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Well I do know you can do kegal exercises and that is tightening of your vagina about 10-20 times a day and it will become tighter . It's a muscle that needs working out . Act as if you are cutting your pee on and off.
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Kegel exercises were devised by a German doctor who adapted ex military pressure gauges to measure the pressures involved. They do tighten up the muscles around the vagina and anus if done regularly and carefully, and can be beneficial to both men and women. For men the increase in blood flow to the area can improve erectile function and aid bladder, bowel and ejaculatory control. Ideally to be certain you are getting it right try inserting a finger or two into your vagina and then squeezing them. When you can squeeze and hold you can start to do sets. One set is 5 short squeezes of about a second each, relaxing between each contraction, then five long squeezes holding for up to 10 seconds each(you may not be able to hold them this long at first) this is one set. Try to do 5 sets a day. It sounds time consuming but you can do them whilst watching telly or relaxing.
When you notice some improvement you can reduce the amount you do until you are on a maintenance of just one set a day. This reduces later life bladder and bowel problems and can improve your sex life significantly.
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Go to a gynecologist and they do an exam
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I know here in memphis you can buy a bottle of alum for 6.00 bucks at dr. Champion drug store

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