If The Vagina Becomes Tight, Is It A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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Well that's funny because just recently mine has done that as well and I believe I am pregnant anyway and well its weird because well my stomach hurts really bad I am nauseous and tired and well just some symptoms of pregnancy but if I were you I would get a hpt or go to your gyno.
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I do not think so but I am not a doc. I would ask your doc if that is a possibility. Normally it means that sex the last time was a bit on the rough side.
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I have the same problem. I am having signs of pregnancy, like peeing a lot, bloating, nausea, fatigue. And I feel really swollen inside. It's too early for me to take a test, but I really am getting anxious. HELP:]
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Actually there is a relation, but by then you should already know if your pregnant or not. Because it's usually around the 3rd month. While the baby is still under the pelvic bone. Around 12 weeks is when the uterus starts to move past the pelvic bone and the baby starts to move up.

Same thing happened to me with my last pregnancies.
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You don't start peeing a lot until your 4 - 5 months pregnant and bloating doesn't start right away.....
Your just worrying to much and making yourself feel this symptoms:P,
don't worry about it!
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No, where did you hear about that? It's a silly thing to think. There is no relation between vaginal tightness and pregnancy.

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