What Is Anterior Vaginal Wall Repair?


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This procedure is recommended when a bulging or slackening of the bladder into the vagina, causes incontinence or discomfort.
To carry out the anterior vaginal repair, an incision is made through the vagina, releasing a part of the of the front vaginal wall, that was attached to the bladder. The bladder and often the urethra, are then repositioned and stitched into place.. There are variations in this procedure depending on the case. The operation is normally performed under general anesthetic . Afterwards you will be given a liquid diet, and must avoid any stress or straining in that area.

A cystocele is a prolapse or hernia of the bladder towards the vagina. The weak muscle wall may cause urine to leak during sneezing or coughing and often during jumping or running too. Surgery on the anterior vaginal wall can help to improve this condition, and restore the bladder to its proper position. Childbirth is often the cause of this.

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