What Does Pregnancy Leucorrhoea Look Like?


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The term leucorrhoea, which is normally known as whites, is defined as a condition in which there is a whitish discharge from the vagina of a woman. The whitish secretion from the vagina of a woman may be thick and viscid in texture. It may also have a foul odour if it is caused by some infection.

There are two forms of leucorrhoea. They are physiological leucorrhoea and pathological leucorrhoea. In physiological leucorrhoea, the whitish discharge is due to the excitement or caused by other factors such as nervousness and is a normal phenomenon. It is commonly seen in newborn babies for a duration of about a week due to maternal oestrogen and in girls at the time of puberty due to the hormonal changes which they undergo.

Pathological leucorrhoea is usually caused by such factors as general ill-health, poor nutrition, the dysfunctional state of the genital tract and other psychological factors.

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