What Happens When You Have A Tubal Pregnancy?


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A tubal pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) is when the fetus is developing outside of the uterus. In other words the fetus is most likely developing in the fallopian tube. You need to get this checked out right away by a doctor. Ectopic pregnancies can be vary dangerous. In most cases if caught in time, you can have the fetus surgically removed from the tube and be able to save your tube. If not caught in time your fallopian tube can burst and this puts you in a very dangerous situation. I have had two ectopics in one of which my right fallopian tube burst and had to be removed. Years later I had another one and caught it in time and saved my only tube. Once you have an ectopic pregnancy your chances of having another are high. Be very cautious with ectopics, and get checked right away. They are not fun, very painful, and can be dangerous. I am sorry that you had to experience this, if you are...

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