What Should Cervical Mucus Look Like In Early Pregnancy?


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Cervix mucus does change during early pregnancy. This is due to a change in the hormonal balance of the body and the ovulation period which indicates fertile days. A woman is considered most fertile when her cervical mucus is clear and slippy just like raw egg whites.
During the early stages of pregnancy the mucus will change and these changes can help you pinpoint the exact position of your pregnancy. The mucus and the volume of the cervix will change as the pregnancy continues.
During early pregnancy the cervix is closed and blue in colour. Cervical mucus tends to change during this time of the cycle and this is due to hormonal changes. The cervical mucus begins to increase due to hormonal fluctuations and increased blood flow to the uterus. 
During or right after ovulation the cervical mucus will return to a dry state and will be closed.
To examine the state you have to hold the outer lips of the cervix between your fingers and thumb and then test it for consistency. You will then be able to see the changes through touching.
Women track their cervical mucus as a way to find out how fertile they are.
However the best way to determine either pregnancy or fertility is through a medical professional who will tell you what you need to know through tried and tested means.
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Cervical mucus can only be recognized by touching it with your finger tip. And early mucus could be scanty, thick, white, sticky and holds its shape. In early pregnancy the cervical mucus would be something that is really thin and transparent. It could also stretch like the white portion of an egg.

You can also check it by wiping your vulva with a tissue. The colour could also be white, creamy, opaque, or transparent (clear). You could also get a feeling of dryness, of dampness or moistness, stickiness, wetness, slipperiness or lubrication.
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