What Is My Ideal Weight For My Age And Height?


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My height is 5'5 so how much should my weight
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Height:5' 5"
Age: 13
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Height: 5'1
Weight: 103
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There are a couple factors that go into account, but, as a GENERAL:
Women; for every inch you are over 5' you add 5 lbs (give or take) from 100lbs
example: A women that is 5' should weight 100 lbs
5'1" = 105 lbs
5'2" = 110 lbs
5'3" = 115 lbs
5'4" = 120 lbs
So you at 5'5" should weight some where around 125 lbs (give or take). But because of your young age I would say you could weight as little as 115 lbs and up to 135 lbs and still be considered healthy, but your ideal is 125 lbs.You can calculate t=your ideal weight through this Weight Loss Calculator. Factors to consider are bone density, muscle tone (will make you weight more/ it's a good thing), fat % (women have more fat than guys/that's what boobs all are, and we generally carry our reserve in our hips, guys carry it in there stomach area), physical and mental health etc...
At your age I was only 4'9"(didn't really grow until I was 18, then again at 22.. Late bloomer), I weighted about 100 lbs/pure muscle because I was into so many sports and horses.
I'm now 5'5" but I'm also 25 years old, I weight 127lbs. When I'm more in shape in dip down to about 120lbs, but in general my body stays in the 123-126 range.

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Obviously depending on how old you are. You can either go to a near store boots and go on thier scales it prints your ideal wieght and height off there or just go to your doctors for free.
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Well its easy to say that if you are skinny, you should gain alittle weight but keep it like that. If you are medium, your okay, if you are fat then you should loose some weight untill you get to atleast medium. =]

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