What Is The Function Of A Mechanical Ventilator?


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Its the same function of the respiratory system in case of respiratory faulire
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Mechanical ventilation is used to assist a person who is incapable of breathing on his own with the help of a mechanical device. The most common way in which this procedure is accomplished is by delivering the required gasses directly into the airways of the patient. In cases where it is likely that a patient will resist this sort of a procedure a sort of sedative is administered. In cases where the use of a respirator is required for a long period of time a surgical opening is made to directly insert the tube into the windpipe rather than send it through the mouth. Though in most cases patients only require respirators during the course of treatment in certain cases the chronic nature of the illness or other factors may make an individual permanently dependant on respirators.
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Both the patient and caregiver should know about how the home care ventilator works.

The mechanical ventilator assists the patient’s breathing, depending on the needs of the patient. For patients who need the greatest amount of assistance, the ventilator fully controls the volume and duration of breath throughout the respiration cycle.

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