How Do You Care For A Patient On A Ventilator?


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A patient on a ventilator has to be really taken care of. A ventilator is an inhaling device which helps the person to inhale oxygen by wearing a gas mask on the mouth, from an oxygen cylinder. This is done as the person may not be able to breathe so freely. Due to this, the patient may also suffer from an incredible amount of weakness. If you are a caretaker of this kind of a patient, you may have to be by his side all the time. The person may also find it difficult to walk and move. You will have to attend to all its needs, like taking him to the bathroom, giving him his pills, serve food, feed and many other such activities. One main thing you have to make sure is that the ventilation mask is always on the patient's mouth and the pipe does not get disconnected from the cylinder. If it gets disconnected, the patient have not be able to breathe and can cause death.
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A medical ventilator basically is a gadget created to offer mechanical ventilation to a patient. To take care of a patient on ventilation you must be able to identify the indications for mechanical ventilation.

Verify the FIO2, tidal volume, pace and mode of ventilation on a particular given ventilator. Illustrate the different modes of ventilation along with their implication. While observing a patient you must be able to identify if an acute respiratory failure is taking place.

Keep a constant eye on the ventilator alarm as this will give you indications if there is anything wrong with the patient. These are certain basic steps you need to know while taking care of a patient who is on ventilation. A basic ventilator generally comprises of air reservoir, air and oxygen supplies, a set of valves and tubes, along with throwaway or reusable 'patient set".
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You should not do much when a person close to you is on ventilator and what required to be done will be done by the doctor. But there are some things that are not related to medical procedure and must be known by people that are close to the patient.

The first aspect you should keep in mind is that you must always encourage others that nothing wrong is going to happen to the person who is on ventilator and you should not do it by mentioning it every time but should talk of other relevant things that keep people away from the thought of being depressed.

You should also try to keep the visitors away from the hospital where the patient is admitted so that there is no disturbance in the medical procedure and the patient is having good care.

Other than that you can not do much and just hope for the best.
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We have to meet all the of the patients . Prevent a source of infection , use aseptic technique while handling a patient , good suctioning should be done under aseptic technique , frequent change of position to prevent bedsore , put air bed , rt feeding should should be done .thorow knowledge about ventilator should be there.

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