Where Can I Get A Cheap Abortions In Illinois?


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A child is a gift from God. Pls consider keeping it.
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Weigh all of your options and make sure that this is the choice you can live with, abortion is not an easy choice for any woman, young or old! Don't listen to the above yahoo.....these types of people will judge you no matter what choice you make, whether you keep the baby, end up in the welfare system, or choose adoption, remember that. And only YOU have to live with your decision, nobody else.

You can contact Illinois Abortion Clinic at ONE TOLL FREE 866.569.5100 or
and get information on the different procedures, prices, after care, etc. You can also ask for a specialty group who assist with the financial part as well, they are out there!
Hope this helps and good luck to you...remember to always, no matter what, use a condom in the future!
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You have a serious problem justice mom. I judge no one. U obviously promote abortions. Shame on u! Abortion is wrong and u will regret it later if u have one. It only hurts the mother and baby.
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You just did! And, btw, You have never asked me what my views on the subject were, so how could you say shame on me? I gave an unbias answer to the person asking this question. And you continue to give your one sided views about abortion all over this site! And another thing, how do you know what I will or will not regret, (do you walk in my shoes?)
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I never said u would regret anything. I was talking about someone who has had an abortion will regret it later. If u r giving her a number to an abortion clinic u r obviously promoting it. If u dont agree with abortion u would not give her the number.

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