Can you fall pregnant after you have had 5 abortions?


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You obviously became pregnant again following the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th abortion so I am wondering why you ask about a possible 6th pregnancy following your 5th abortion.
     But I agree with Tony that you should avoid having a fall when pregnant. Falling during pregnancy is bad!   I also agree with Hilary that abortion should not be used as a form of contraception.
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Helpful answer indeed.
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If this was a Football match, I guess that if a team can't manage to score after 5 consecutive attempts, then they either need some new players, or they deserve relegation. --Just a thought, you understand.
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Good thoughts those Tony. U are right of course.
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No woman should fall when she is pregnant. It can be bad both for the woman and for the unborn child inside her womb.
--That's just my opinion and I am not a Doctor, by the way.
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I assume you mean by "can you fall pregnant" can you get pregnant I would say yes, but it seems to me like you are using abortion as a form of birth control....and thats not right, every woman has the choice to abort, of course they do. I'm an open minded person, I have never had one myself, but I believe we all have that choice!  But 5 seems a little exessive even to me...can you spell birth control? Let alone use it! Its time to have a little caution and restraint!

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