When Should The Legal Cut-off Be For Abortion In Pregnancy?


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Keep in mind that abortion may always be possible in exceptional circumstances, such as when the mother's own life is in grave danger. So this question is really about "elective" abortion, just because the mother wants it without having to justify it to anyone.

For some people no cut-off point would be acceptable.

In theory, both an IUD and the morning after pill potentially cause "abortion" because they prevent an embryo (which may or may not even exist) from implanting. A purist would ban even these contraceptive measures. Others might view the embryo is hardly more than a ball of cells at this point.

Carl Sagan argued decades ago that the point at which an embryo becomes too human like (and should not be aborted thereafter) was about 10 weeks. This is also the point at which it becomes (officially) a "foetus". This is about when brainwaves become detectable, and the embryo/foetus takes on a truly human shape. This is still one of the few scientific-based arguments on the ethics of the cut-off date for abortions.

The current UK cut off for elective abortions is 24 weeks.
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I would say not to anyway because that is just like killing a person and a baby is a person it gets a heart beat in a couple weeks after conception and its not the baby's fault and if you do have an IUD and the doctor says they can't take it out I would leave it in there and continue because I have had the IUD for a year and I think I am pregnant and many women has gotten pregnant on the IUD and it says its 99.9% effective and you won't get pregnant but I think what they really meant to say was 99.9%failure and its true there is A LOT of women out in the world different countries states were ever and they have gotten pregnant on the IUD and well I wouldn't get it if you ever decide to and I know its WAY off the topic we were talking about but its true all this I have said hope it helps
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It actually depends on the country and the traditions of the people. In Nigeria where I am from abortion is a crime and is only permitted when the life of the mother is in danger. The case of Roe V. Wade however allows for abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Conception it is believed occurs immediately the sperm meets with the eggs so as far as I am concerned abortion is ano no, except in cases where it is inevitable. There should therefore be no legal cutoff for abortion, making abortion a serious offence like murder(which in actual fact it is) would reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies and bring a lot of decency back into the world.

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