Should Students Have Gym Everyday?


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It is advisable for Students to regularly do some light exercises and visit Gyms. Having exercise makes them active and freshens their mind and body. It can bring positive impact on your performance and can also help you in working overtime especially when doing tough projects, assignments. It helps you to overcome the laziness, remain active and helps in concentrating more effectively. If Students cannot go for Gym then having light exercise at home or at ground e.g., Jogging is always advisable. With an active mind, you can grasp the work material more effectively and for an active mind, exercise is necessary. You might also like following Blurtit question:
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I think school should be based on academics, not sports/fitness. It should be a student's choice if they want to take physical education. They shouldn't be required to take it to graduate.
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Yes, unless they are physically unable.
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Might be a good idea for some students that need it and/or have enough time to do so. There are a couple of good exercises that every person can do at home, at school or office.

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