What Is Orange Oxycontin?


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By orange oxycontin I assume you are referring to the orange capsule (5mg) of OxyContin. OxyContin in turn is the trademark of a particular form of oxycodone hydrochloride which is made by Purdue Pharma located in Stamford, situated in Connecticut. These are controlled-release tablets with separate sizes being distinguished by a particular colour. For instance, cobalt would mean a 160mg dosage. However, the number of milligrams which each individual pill contains is also imprinted on the pill.

This semi-synthentic opiod is also an agonist (that is, a drug activating receptors in your cells), as well as a narcotic analgesic (that is, pain-reliever). OxyContin is used chiefly in the treatment of pain which could be moderate to severe.

Understand that Oxycodone is as powerful as morphine administered at the equivalent dose. However it offers users the benefit of oral administration.
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There is a pink that is in a pill? You need to be more specific as to if it's a pill or capsule or what.

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