What Is Propo-n Apap?


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Not antibiob, is good for tendonitis with strapping but can make you super drowsy
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My boyfriend take propo cuz he tore a ligament in his knee and his doctor perscibed it. I wud reccomend eating before u take it or u will feel sick and throw up ALOT
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Propo-n apap is one of the best prescribed drugs to cure fibro ache. In case, the doctor diagnoses you with fibromyalgia (chronic pain in the soft tissues and muscle area), the doctor will prescribe 'Propo-n/apap' to ease the pain and also give a sleep inducing tablet depending upon the condition of the person. It is not advisable to take propo-n apap without the prescription of the doctor.

The Propo-n apap medicine does carry side-effects and a person who takes it without consulting with a physician may run into other complications rather than just the fibro pain. All said and done, the drug is quite beneficial to the patient with the fibro pain if taken under medical supervision.

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