What Is The Normal Heart Rate For A 9 Year Old?


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On a general basis, the heart beats of children are higher than adults, while resting as well as while active. Overall the heart beat of children fluctuates at around a 100 or so while resting and can go up to 200 or even more if the activity is strenuous or exhaustive.

Generally the normal resting heart rate of a child could be anything from 70 to 120 heart beats per minute. For children above the age of ten as well as adults, the normal resting heart beat rate goes down to 60 to 100 betas per every minute. Whereas, for trained sportsmen such as athletes the normal resting heart rate goes as low as 40 to 60 beats per every minute.

One should know that respiration is correlated to heart rate that is, while inhaling the heart beat becomes higher and while exhaling it goes lower.
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Is 62 to 66 bpm ok for a 9 year old when sleeping?

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